The company Monsanto has for many years won many farmers hart by spreading disinformation and corrupt science. For years they have been spreading information about how safe Roundup and glyphosate should be. Recently a court case in the USA reveal information that might expose the fraudulant Monsanto science for what it really is. Time will show if Monsanto (now Bayer) manage to control the outcome of the ongoing court case - or if justice will prevail. One of the underlying serious issues here, which explain why these toxic products is allowed on the market, is the corrupt regulatory systems which exist in most western countries. Where the companies themselves (such as Monsanto and Bayer) produce the science which the regulatory bodies then use as basis for risk assessing the products from the very same companies. As if Monsanto (or Bayer, or any other company) ever would allow studies which show their product to be dangerous for health and the environment - to be published. We need a completely new risk assessment paradigm. If not, the history will just repeat itself. See the revealing documentary - and please spread the information on social media and blogposts.

The Monsanto Papers - from Australian ABC TV

Direct link to the MP4 file

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