Important to know about Codex Alimentarius. Codex Alimentarius is United Nations (UN), WHO (World Health Organization) and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation) way of making sure the industry get more protected and that you the consumer get food with more toxins and less nutrients. It has everything to do with international trade and nothing to do with food safety.

- Codex Alimentarius is not about consumer protection.
- Codex is designed to protect the industry (read: Pharmaceutical, Chemotherapy, Biotech, Agrobusiness, etc.) by eliminating natural health products and treatments, and by allowing insanely high residuelevels of toxins.
- Codex is unscientific because it classifies nutrients as toxins.

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See the two interesting videos below. The first explaining what Codex Alimentarius is all about. The second video, Codex 2 Step, explain how a country can be protected against future battles with WTO in relation to the Codex.

Codex Alimentarius - part 1

Codex Alimentarius - part 2

Codex Alimentarius - part 3

Codex Alimentarius - part 4


Codex 2 Step

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