You might wonder what relation there is between this indian woman and the toxic genetically modified eggplant (Bt Brinjal), which where intended as food for the indian population. The orange symbol on this womans left cheek is not a tattoo. It's the international symbol for biohazard. Had it not been for independent science then a large number of people in India would probably been eating toxic eggplant for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Mahyco, the manufacturer of a GM (genetically modified) eggplant, where not able to identify severe health issues when rats where fed their GM product. Only after independent scientists analyzed the raw data from the Mahyco feeding studies, it was revealed that this GM eggplant showed strong indications that the rats got poisoned.

In a detailed review dated november 14, 2010 by Dr Lou M Gallagher (PhD), we can read this:

"... current results from these rat feeding studies indicate that rats eating Bt brinjal
experienced organ and system damage: ovaries at half their normal weight, enlarged spleens with white
blood cell counts at 35 to 40 percent higher than normal (elevated eosinophils in particular) indicating
immune function changes possibly due to allergen response, and toxic effects to the liver as
demonstrated by elevated bilirubin along with plasma acetylcholinesterase. Further studies are required
to assess the potential outcomes of these indicators of toxicity".

See another review of the GM eggplant feeding study here:
Corrupt science revealed in BT Brinjal dossier

This particular GMO eggplant contain the insecticide protein Cry1Ac.

The discoveries made by Dr Lou M Gallagher and other independent scientists caused the Indian government to forbid this GM food plant from entering the food chain.

The story does not end there.

Today, more than 99% of all cultivated GM crops consist of only 3 types of GMOs. The first type is genetically modified to be herbicide tolerant. The second type of GM plant is gentetically modified so it produce toxic proteins (insecticide) when it grows in the field. The third type is both resistant to one or more herbicides and produces toxic proteins. Approximately 20-30% of the cultivated GMO produce their own insecticides.

EU has now allowed 38 different GM plants to be used for human consumption. 24 of these GMOs contain identical or similar toxic proteins as used in the GM eggplant from India. It is time for EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) to wake up and use the precautionary principle.


Indian woman: © Aleksandar Todorovic |

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