This site is currently dedicated to exposing information about serious problems in our society.

OurĀ purpose is to inform our readers about issues which affect our health and the environment in a negativ way. We will also give focus to a range of controversial issues which not necessarily has to do with our health or the environment.

The goal is to inspire people to contribute to make a change to the better. If we are to change something, then we must also be aware of the problems. Several of theĀ topics we give focus will be controversial. It can be topics which are totally neglected by the mainstream media, or topics which these give very little attention.

We are not funded by any political party or any company, which means that we are free to write whatever we want. is following the code of ethics of the norwegian press.

Contact information

Tore B. Krudtaa
Sandefjord, Norway

Phone: +47 90948815
Email: krudtaa[SNABEL] (replace "[SNABEL]" with "@")

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